November 26, 2012

2013 Play Therapy Training Schedule

If you're looking for play therapy training we have several workshops scheduled for 2013 on a variety of topics. Here are two upcoming trainings you may be interested in attending.

Anxiety is a common problem for many children. Whether the anxiety arises from genetic factors or environmental conditions children need to find a way to face the anxiety and master it.  Play Therapy with Anxious Children will examine the symptoms of anxiety and how it impacts children. We will explore play therapy interventions as a way of teaching children how to manage anxiety producing situations. The parent's role in the play therapy process will also be discussed. 

Play Therapy with Families will focus on integrating play into family therapy. The unique challenges and opportunities of working with families will be discussed. Activities and games to use in family play therapy will be presented. 

There are several more training options listed between January and June 2013. Go to STL Play Therapy for more information and to register.

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