February 9, 2014

Thank You Guest Bloggers!

It was such a special treat to have play therapists as guest bloggers during National Play Therapy Week. They shared their wisdom and creativity and their passion for play therapy was inspirational to everyone who follows this blog. 

I want to personally thank Amy Flaherty, Tammi Van Hollander, Clair Mellenthin, Kim Peterson, Ana Tindall and Stephanie Holloway for taking the time to write a guest blog entry as a way of helping APT promote public awareness of play therapy.

The feedback on having guest bloggers was so overwhelmingly positive that I've decided to use guest bloggers on a regular basis. If you're a Registered Play Therapist (RPT), or someone who is working toward becoming a RPT, school counselor who uses play therapy or a graduate student enrolled in a university play therapy course I'd like to encourage you to submit a guest blog entry. 

Perhaps you've created a technique you'd like to share. Maybe you frequently use a play therapy technique created by another play therapist and you'd like to share how you've adapted it to fit your clientele. Maybe you've been inspired by someone like Garry Landreth, Charles Schaefer, Eliana Gill, etc., and you'd like to share what you've learned by reading their books or attending their seminars.

If you're interested in being a guest blogger send me an email.  Put the words "Guest Blogger" in the subject line and briefly tell me about your interest and experience in play therapy and the topic you would like to share. 


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